There are major differences between a leader and a boss. Simply being in charge about certain tasks or a team of people does not make you a leader. In order to be a leader, you first have to understand the differences and identify the qualities that will help you become one. A good leadership strategy can sometimes make the difference and can also improve the activity within your organization and efficiency of your team.

A promotion or management studies are not enough. There are studies that show how challenging it can be when you are promoted to a management level and you cannot find the proper leadership approach. A productive workplace incorporates so many elements such as a well-prepared team of people, resources, communication and delegating authority.

Some key differences between leaders and boss

While a boss will always try to make his own ideas heard and followed by employees, a good leader will listen carefully and encourage his team to come up with ideas that can bring success to the organization. A leader will always seek to develop and grow people around him. On the other side, a boss will choose self-growth and success for himself.

Another difference when talking about boss and leader is the way they picture themselves in the eyes of the others. A leader will picture himself as part of the team, not as a ruler who only commands. Whereas a boss has a more superior approach, with a commander attitude. It’s important to always look for solutions to a task or problem together. The tone of voice, the way a person talks and chooses to manage different situations will make it clear to where he stands, if he is a leader or a boss.

A boss may try to impose his way of solving problems and tasks, for the simple reason that “you must do it like this”. A leader on the other hand will approach the situation differently. He will explain and come with valid reasons to why you should try his solving to this problem.

Keep in mind that a leader will give responsibility for your tasks and duties within the organization. He will make you confident in what you can do and allow you to try your approach towards solving a problem. A boss will only delegate tasks that he wants solved following established protocols and routines.

How to become a leader and not a boss

There is a thin line between growing to be a leader or becoming a boss. However, in order not to fall in this trap and choose the right path, there are some key elements you can focus on. By developing them, you will make the jump from the boss of the team to the leader of the organization. The key strategies always talk about are communication, expectations and equality.

A good communication strategy should be on the list of every leader. The leader who listens to his employees and talks with them about problems within the company is more likely to build an efficient organization. Once your team will feel heard by you, they will be more likely to engage and deliver their best work. Communication should be two sided. Therefore, you as a leader need to communicate everything that crosses your mind to your employees, no matter good or bad. You should share thoughts and ideas and come with solutions together.

Sometimes, you as a leader may be tempted to set high expectations and be carried away by so many ideas, goals. One of the keys to success is to always be fair in your approach. Set clear expectations for your team. Consequently, your employees also need to know what to expect from you and what you can deliver. Uncertainty can occur when your employees do not know what you expect from them and the other way around.

Sense of equality and integration is probably one of the best feelings when you are part of a team. That’s why your employees need to know they are treated equally the same in order to feel encouraged about the work they deliver. Do not put the spotlight on a certain person. Instead, encourage teamwork and collaboration. You can highlight the qualities and strong points of every member of your team. And consequently, highlight the idea that all them together will be stringer and better.

Start your journey to leadership

A leader is created through devotion and work. There are many leadership courses and trainings that everyone can follow. Being a boss is easier that being a leader. That’s because in order to become a great leader you have to put in work and improve yourself. Leaders will always be admired and appreciated by their teams and more likely to help others around them grow and improve. To be a leader, it is a choice and a work at the same time. But the results will be more visible in terms of efficiency and productivity for your organization. Identify your strong points and follow the advice from others so that you can also become the leader so much appreciated and admired.