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Web sales channels are closely related to search engine visibility. Promoting through Google Ads campaigns is the main way to immediately generate this visibility. Over 90% of internet users use the Google search engine to search for products and services that fit their budget and needs.

Most of them consider the first results to be the most relevant for their search, in descending order of their display.

With each position or lower page, their confidence, and interest decrease. Therefore, in order to reach the first results, a strong promotion strategy is needed, a considerable investment of resources and time.

Google, like other search engines, returns two types of results for the same search by a user (Internet user): natural results (SEO) and paid results (paid Google ads, inserted in a Google Ads campaign – this type of campaign more can also be found under the name of Google sponsored links campaign)


Google Ads, or AdWords, is one of the most popular forms of promotion in the online environment, which directs to your site, the public interested in the products, or services you offer.