A developed personality is an adult, mature, happy, and satisfied with himself and his life.

He is able to take responsibility for himself and for others, he is developed both morally and spiritually. At the top of his life values are not only the basic selfish needs, which he tends to satisfy all his life, mostly from loans.

People, who have stepped on the path of self-development, makes colossal efforts, constantly working on himself, improving his useful habits. He works hard. And he often comes face to face with unpleasant truths about himself. It makes them aware of and changes them.

Often the changes go unnoticed by those around you, even by the person in question. It is rare for change to occur in an instant.

People do not develop in a week. Or in half a year. Or in a year.

Many people do the same actions for years on end, but at the same time, they are upset that they get the same result. It makes perfect sense – if the movie hero is dead, it’s unlikely that the next time you watch the movie, the hero will survive. Therefore, the person who has stepped on the path of self-development will change his pattern of behavior, but will not expect changes from others. There is experience, lessons, new visions of ordinary things.

This is how people who have a conscious approach to life perceive failures.

If there is a lot of negativity in human life and he considers that the state, the neighbors, the parents are to blame for this, then he is at the beginning of the path or in general, he has not even stepped on the path of development.

It is impossible to rush into the bright future, but not to look into the past. It is necessary to review the episodes of past life, especially negative moments. It is necessary to draw a positive experience from them.

Solving some tasks could take a lifetime: you will return again and again to some traumas, frustrations, pains, trying to forgive and forget again and again.

But no one says that stepping on the path of self-development you will surely conquer Everest. This is an escalation!

People begin the search and knowledge of those things, which make him truly happy, necessary for himself, but not for others.

This stage can take a long time, sometimes a lifetime. Sometimes the process is complicated by distrust of oneself and one’s own strengths, the high level of alarm.

But at some point, the man awakens to an intermediate point of peace and relative stability. Inner self-confidence, tomorrow, and the people around you. Then begins the most interesting stage.

One of the first truths we need to understand is that there is no truth. There is only intermediate truth, which helps us at certain stages, but we must not turn them into dogmas – that means degradation.

There are no right and wrong teachings. Each has a grain of truth that must be mastered. And definitely move on. Every person has only one obligation – to be happy.

This statement hides so much depth that you can delve into it indefinitely. This is a universal motivation, absolutely valid for all mentally healthy people, it is both the goal and the meaning. Otherwise, everyone has their own happiness. All it takes is to find out the recipe. This requires self-development so that you can become happy.

Theoretically, personal development includes activities and experiences that have the ultimate goal of improving awareness, developing personal talents and abilities, improving the quality of life, and contributing to the realization of personal aspirations and dreams.

Also known as “self-help” or “personal evolution”, the concept includes formal or informal activities to develop in other roles such as teacher, guide, counselor, manager, coach or mentor.

Even if this movement increased the most in the twentieth century, man’s desire to develop, to surpass himself is not something new.

From ancient times the wise men knew its importance and had strong principles in this regard.

Personal development is an instrument that governs citizens in advanced capitalism. The main exhortation “You are the most important person in your life!” is interpreted as “You are the only person responsible for your life.” In the discourse of personal development, the individual is the only one who can intervene on his own existence.

A first step would be to realize that a person needs something extra. The definition of what is to be improved follows. It is important for everyone to know the area in which they want to grow. There are many ways to improve your quality of life, relationships, health, career, level of spirituality.

The strategy can start with reading specialized books, participating in events or various meetings in the fields of interest, participating in a course or coaching sessions. In reality, personal development involves much more than reading books and blogs or attending classes. It is more of a concept about what each person does, feels, and is.