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Simply put, it is marketing or advertising by constantly publishing useful content for your audience, which in a way promotes your products.

It should be noted that that content must be useful to those who consume it – fiction does not work: you will not be perceived as an authority in your niche (expert) and does not directly or indirectly promote your products or services.

Marketing theory says that on average, a user needs 7 interactions with your brand until they decide to buy something.

The only exception is when the person needs the product and you are the only one who offers it. In today’s online environment, however, it is a bit difficult to be the only one who offers something.

Whether it’s an online store, a presentation site, or an online platform of your business, once put online, any website has only one main purpose: to sell.

And how can you sell through your site? Well, theoretically it’s pretty simple: all you have to do is bring it as high as possible in Google’s positions so that it is visible to everyone who searches for your services.

We live in the age of the multitude of information, to which we have access with a simple click.



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