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They have a vision, they have initiative, they can influence people, they can make proposals, can organize the necessary logistics, can solve certain problems, take things to the end and, above all, he assumes responsibilities.

True leaders are not born, but it forms over time. People can become more effective leaders if they want to thing.

Good leaders are formed throughout a continuous process of study, education, training, and experience.

Leadership-specific skills are born only in small measure and therefore must always be perfected through work and study.

The important thing a leader can do is to provide the framework and encourage the training of new leaders within the organization, company, or community.

The leaders are those who make things happen. In the simplest approach, we can say that the process of leading means in the first place, in turn, setting one direction and influencing others to follow that direction

The best leaders will never stop the process of self-instruction and study.

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