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Our lives have become more hectic and stressful. Nowadays, it is very common to be in a hurry to resolve problems and find a balance between career, family, and social life. We thrive more than ever to have experienced complete happiness and fulfillment. Unless we achieve this, we feel dissatisfied with our results, and the level of motivation drops. Negative thoughts can rapidly replace positiveness and a decline in balance will occur.

Even the Ancient Greeks were talking about moderation as a way of finding balance. They focused on a temperate lifestyle in order to achieve happiness, to feel healthy and beautiful. Plato mentioned in his writings that perfection could be reached through exercise for the body that would lead to a happier and more relaxed mind. Therefore, all three are connected: mind, body, and soul. When one of these three is weak, an imbalance can appear and affect our lifestyle. Stress or an emotional crisis can have long-term effects on your body. A physical injury can cause depression and affect a healthy mind. They all impact your well-being and can stop you from reaching your goals.