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Food is the basis of life. It is a permanent factor of action by which man has ensured his survival concerning the environment. Food is the element of the environment and nature that ensures the energy and vitality of the body, contributing to our well-being and health.

Mankind’s way of feeding allowed it to expand on a global scale. Particular attention is paid to human eating behavior that faithfully reflects civilization. Food, in Hippocratic medicine, was considered the most important therapeutic factor, some prescriptions having a note of astonishing topicality.

Health depended on the balance between food and physical exertion, which had to be started at an early age and continued for the rest of life. The interaction between food and health is very old, as old as it is current.

The need for food also involves the methods of preparation and consumption which, along with personal hygiene, proper breathing, regular physical activity, psychophysical and spiritual vitality, help us to balance and dose the food of body and mind, weighing excesses and shortcomings.


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