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Self-esteem or opinion about yourself influences your perception of all aspects of the life of the friends you choose, how you get along with others, your chosen life partner, career success, stability and integrity, efficiency as a parent.

There are many reasons that lead to low self-esteem, along with even lower self-confidence. Most of the time we want to do something to improve our general condition, emotional balance, but low self-confidence stops us.

We say to ourselves “what’s the use” or “I’m not doing well anyway”, “I’m still making fun of myself” – this is a derogatory inner speech and, unfortunately, it leads us with slow but sure steps towards a depressive episode in which “There is no point in going out with friends”, because “they don’t understand us anyway” or “laugh at us” or “I don’t need their mercy”.

Thus, self-exile is installed with all its depreciating effects.


It has been established that self-esteem is a relatively stable emotional orientation towards oneself