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Marketing is a general term that includes many, from the brand of a business to products and/or services, strategy, competition, public, prices, and much more.

Online marketing does not have a standard definition, but only a few interpretations.

In principle, it refers to all efforts to promote a brand and manage relationships with customers or potential customers through all online and social media channels

Basically, it targets the online component in all aspects, including the 4 items: price, product, promotion, distribution.

Online marketing is a set of powerful tools and methodologies used to promote products or services through the Internet. Online marketing allows for a wider range of strategies and approaches than traditional marketing.

In addition, online marketing allows you to measure and control everything much better.

The advantages of using  online marketing to the detriment of offline marketing are mainly those related to access, information, communication to the customer, and measuring the effectiveness of that ad


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