Predicting the future is hard. Plans sometimes have to be changed and adjusted along the way. When you choose a career, it is hard to tell its evolution and whether it will be on-demand in the next ten years or not. Young people in particular have many questions regarding this topic. They often struggle with finding something they enjoy doing and provides them a good income at the same time. There are certain jobs of the future that current events predict as being in demand.

Are you also a fresh graduate seeking to build a career? Or maybe are you simply considering changing your current job? Many people choose to change their career paths due economic reasons or uncertainty. The job-hunting process itself is difficult and long and has no guarantees. However, with good planning and prospecting you are one step closer to finding a suitable career for you.

First steps

You can start by asking yourself what the long-term outlook for that specific job is. This step is very important. Once you have the answer to this, you can either pursue building a career in that domain or look for something else. Also, statistics about future employment rates in that specific area and jobs of the future predictions are a great tool to examine your opportunities.

Many people overlook these steps and find themselves in a difficult situation, unemployed, and with no career prospects. To avoid that, proper analysis and preparation are a must. In case predictions do not look too well for the career you have in mind, try and find something similar that has a more favorable prediction.

We come with good news to make your journey easier. We have put together a list of careers in demand that are most likely to be in trend for the next years.  Take a look at them and make an idea about how future looks like and if you made the right decision.

Here are jobs of the future:

  • Registered nurse- it is one of the jobs in demand at this moment. It is far from being a boring desk job and involves empathy and great care for people. To become a nurse, you will need licensed studies and a diploma. Also, you have to enjoy working with people and offer emotional support.
  • Software developer- every computerized activity that you encounter daily is only possible because of a software developer. He is responsible of writing the correct lines of code to make applications and devices work. Technology is one of the domains that grows and develops on a fast pace. If you enjoy computer work and curiosity and creativity are your characteristics, you should consider this for a career.
  • Teachers- they are our guides between school and real world. As a teacher, it is your duty to explain academical and technical subjects that are meant to prepare young people to face the real world. When you become a teacher, you have the freedom to choose a subject or area you are passionate about. It is a flexible career that allows you to shape next generation of adults.
  • Accountant- finance management can be done for both personal or business income. The job of an accountant has evolved during the last years. They are now responsible to find a meaning behind numbers and provide solutions for management or clients. Also, they can offer practical advice on how to cut down on expenses and increase your investments or savings. If you want to earn money from playing with numbers, you need a degree and certification.

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  • Construction manager- there are many buildings being built daily. Shopping malls, houses, apartment buildings, they all need a construction manager responsible for the construction site. Your duty is to make sure everything is done properly: project, decision, budget. It is the type of job that requires not only a degree, but also on-site job experience.
  • Robotics engineer- engineering jobs have always been in high demand. With technology development, engineering has also evolved. Those who are skilled in coding and software are a good choice in areas such as biomedical engineering, logistics, agricultural technology and driverless cars. You need a degree for this career and also flexibility is a requirement.  
  • Cyber security expert- online activity is increasing daily. So are cybercrimes. No one wants to be a victim of account hacking, no matter it is a personal or a business account. Many young people passionate about computer are encouraged to follow this path. It is a growing sector with many opportunities.
  • Marketing managers- if you like to market products or services to people, then this career is for you. You need creativity and socialization to convince people and change their opinions. You are responsible for developing a good strategy and advertise products in an attention-grabbing way. A first step is a specific degree and work experience is a plus.

One last thought

This is list is a first step to help you find your career. These jobs of the future are in high demand and are likely to stay this way for the next decade. There are certain domains of activity that will always need new workforce such as medicine, engineering, technology and consultancy. One of the advantages is that they are a safe choice and high-paying options. Keep in mind to always choose something you enjoy doing and that fits your character and preferences.