Teens protect their mental health – Here are the 6 strategies that work for all young people facing the new normal. Nowadays it is quite difficult to be a teenager, and the coronavirus pandemic that we all have to go through lately makes this period of life even more difficult. Because schools are closed and many events are canceled, a large proportion of teenagers miss a lot of important activities, interactions they used to do every day, such as meetings with friends and attending classes.

How can teens protect their mental health during a coronavirus pandemic?

All teens who have difficulty going through this coronavirus pandemic should know that they are not alone. All these feelings that you have at this moment, of anxiety, isolation, and disappointment, are normal. Therefore, in this article, you can find and learn about what you can do to take care of yourself and to protect your psychological and emotional health.
  1. You have to accept that anxiety is normal
If alarmist headlines and closing schools make you feel uneasy, you need to know that you are not the only one experiencing these feelings. On the contrary, this is a normal reaction and many psychologists have long accepted that anxiety is a normal function, but also healthy, which helps us to know when we are in danger and at the same time helps us to take action. protection. Anxiety helps us make the necessary and correct decisions for the situation we are in, for example, not to spend time with people we do not know, not to be in large groups of people, to wash our hands, and not to touch the face. All these emotions determine us and help us at the same time to protect others.

Teens protect their mental health

Although the anxiety related to the COVID-19 pandemic is normal, all adolescents should be informed by reliable and trustworthy sources. If you think you have certain symptoms, it is very important to tell your parents. For the most part, COVID 19 illnesses are mild, especially in children and adolescents. It is also very important to remember that many of the symptoms can be treated. If you are not feeling well, or are concerned about certain aspects of this virus, do not hesitate to talk to your parents about it and always seek the advice of an adult. Remember that we can do many things and we can protect our loved ones. At the same time, we can change many aspects of our lives to make us feel more in control of ourselves and the situation.
  1. Diversify your activities
Many psychologists have testified that when we are in difficult situations, it is very important to divide the problems into two categories:
  • Those about which we can do something
  • The ones we can’t do anything about
In the current conditions and the situation we are in, we can associate a very large part of the aspects with the second category, but there is still a measure that helps us to cope with this situation – to occupy our time with various activities. which makes us feel better. We can look at these activities as ways in which we can relax and create a balance in our daily lives. Do your homework, watch a movie or favorite series, you can also read books before going to bed.
  1. Find new ways to keep in touch with friends
You still want to keep in touch with your friends during this period, you need to know that social networks can be a good alternative and are excellent communication channels. All you have to do is be creative. Surely each of you will find a way to spend time with friends, even online. But keep in mind that unlimited access to social networks is not exactly a very good idea – it is not healthy, it is not smart and it can certainly amplify your anxiety. The recommendation is to put together a program with the parents.
  1. Do things for yourself
Surely you have always wanted to learn something new, maybe read a book, or study a certain musical instrument. Now is the perfect time to learn these things and focus on finding ways to use the free time you have during this time – this way you can protect your mental health. When it comes to painful feelings, the only way out is to feel them so we can overcome them.
  1. Unleash your feelings
Teens protect their mental health – It is certainly very frustrating to miss a lot of events and meetings with friends, and these are very important losses for all teenagers, but the best way to overcome these moments and these feelings is to let yourself feel them. We can overcome painful feelings only if we live them and face them directly. The moment we manage to feel sadness and pain, we will quickly begin to feel better. Every teenager expresses their feelings in their way – some of them will express their feelings through art, others choose to talk to friends and use sadness as a means of communication in moments like these when they cannot be together physically. Also, some teenagers will want to document themselves or learn new things. Regardless of the activities, they choose to do, it is very important to do what they feel is right for them.
  1. Be kind to yourself and others
Many teenagers have been bullied and abused at school because of this pandemic and this virus. The reaction of witnesses to abuse is the best way to sanction any form of bullying. Adolescents or children are not expected to face aggressors – they should be encouraged to seek help and support from friends and adults. If you have friends who are being abused, try to approach them and support them. If you do nothing, the victim will feel that everyone is against him and that no one cares what happens to him. Your words can change things for the better and don’t forget, that now more than ever you have to pay attention to what you share, or post on social networks so as not to hurt others. Courses that will help you increase your personal development level:
  1. Self-esteem
  2. Personal Development
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