Many analysts have estimated that in 2018, the e-commerce market reached phenomenally high levels. For this reason, it is recommended that this time is a very opportune time to start a successful online business. Opening an online business is becoming an increasingly good idea among many entrepreneurs. Why don’t you do that too? With all the advantages offered, you must remember that the implications in the case of an online business are very complex, and sometimes they can give rise to real problems if they are not taken seriously,

In this article, we have prepared a complete guide on how to start a successful online business.

  1. The first main aspect to consider is the domain and how to make sure that your site is flawless.
When you start an online business, the name of the website, but also its design will be the first contact that the user has with your product or service. Therefore, these aspects must be executed as per the book. Trebuie sa alegi un nume potrivit, iar in momentul in care te-ai decis in privinta acestuia trebuie sa verifici daca este disponibil si apoi sa il inregistrezi. Once it is registered, the domain name becomes your property and no one else will be able to use it. If you have already worked with a team of developers, and they have registered the domain for you, there is the possibility that they are the rightful owners, and you have only a simple license that allows you to use it. It is very important to clarify with those you work with who own the domain. If you are determined to collaborate and use the services of a specialized team, you should know that they could have a much truer vision and could help you much more when you want to open a business online. Also, you must be very careful when setting the terms and conditions, they must be as specific as possible and you must not use names or terms that are already registered.
  1. Take care of the relationship you create with customers.
This is one of the most important components of your business, and your relationship with all customers must be as good as possible. In order to build a strong connection between your business and consumers you must be very careful about these two aspects:
  • Protection of personal data
  • Terms and conditions

A successful online business is very much based on trust.

Data protection for an online business Regarding this aspect you must be very attentive to the following aspects:
  • You must inform all customers about the purpose of data collection, and this must be visible from the entrance on the site, clearly and completely formulated. At the same time, this announcement must detail all your purposes as well as the duration of storage, who has access to the data, and the basis on which you store them.
  • You must also ask for the consent of all your customers to be able to collect the data.

The terms and conditions represent the contract for an online business

They play a very important role for any online business, regardless of its field of activity, because they are the provisions of the contract between you and the customer. Clearly, in order to be valid, this contract must have a certain price and object as well as the consent of both parties. You need to pay attention to the following aspects. The following points must be specified in the Terms and Conditions section:
  • Company identity and contact details
  • All the ways of delivering the goods, or the ways of executing the services
  • Warranty information (if offered)
  • The way and the possibility of return
  • Intellectual property rights
Regardless of the section where they are found, your website must also contain the following information: The main features of the products, or services you offer to customers. In general, this information must be positioned on the product page.
  • The identity of the seller, implicitly the name, the postal address of the headquarters, or of the point where your business carries out its activity, the contact method, and the e-mail at which you can be contacted
  • The price of the products with all taxes included
  • The method of payment, delivery, and execution of services (if your field of activity sells certain services to customers). The date until which the products/services provided will be delivered. Terms and conditions of delivery and payment
  • Mentions about the guarantees associated with the products or services
  • Information regarding the return procedure of the services/products offered by you to your clients
If you have a platform to which other users can contribute, it is very important to think about how to regulate your relationship with them. All these platforms that use user-generated content, implicitly social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are increasingly used and encountered. However, you must take care of some very important aspects when you want to use these free tools. You need to pay attention to the type of content that is published on your platform, and for this reason, it is very important to monitor what is happening and to act quickly if you notice certain irregularities.
  1. Marketing and Advertising. Or how to run an online business on the highest peaks
Without using certain serious marketing and advertising strategies, absolutely no business has the possibility to grow, and for this reason, you must take into account these very important aspects when you start building your business. It is very important to register your business with social networks, Google Ads, and Google Analytics because these tools will give you the opportunity to reach an important customer base and better understand their wishes. And if we are talking about a successful online business, don’t forget the classic strategies such as up-selling, cross-selling, and e-mail marketing which, although they may seem simple, have the real potential to maximize profits and retain your customers, but also on the potential ones. Courses that will help you increase your online business development level:
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