Have you ever wondered which are a healthy relationship signs? And also what exactly defines a healthy relationship?

If you are looking for some healthy relationship signs in order to define if you are in one or not then you are in the right place.

Relationships are an important part of our social and private life. They are a way of maintaining a healthy life and are critical to our mental and physical health. People engaging in healthy relationships have a more meaningful life. These kind of people have also a decreased risk of mortality and are more likely to have a better self esteem.

Are you looking for healthy relationship signs to confirm that you are in one? Then that isn’t such a good thing. First of all indeed there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. In fact all have a mix of healthy and unhealthy characteristics. But if you are wondering if you are in a healthy relationship .. then that isn’t such a good sign.

What exactly defines a relationship as being healthy?

Every person is unique in it’s own way and we can only guess that also every relationship is also unique. One that is being in a healthy relationship knows and is able to adjust and work on that. These people which form a healthy relationship share a main common goal. That is to know how they want that relationship to be and they also know how to maintain and develop it. These kind of people also know the power of communication in a relationship. They know how to speak but also how to listen, or at least one knows and the other one can learn also.

Knowing some basic principles also help in creating one. The following healthy relationship signs can be viewed also as some of these principle.

5 Healthy relationship signs

1. You feel that you can express your thoughts and feelings openly

Communication is a key factor when having a relationship. Partners in a healthy relationships talk about the things going in their lives. They choose to seek understanding and solutions from their partners and are very comfortable in doing so.

You should be able to talk comfortable about any issue or thoughts. And also you shouldn’t be afraid in having a different opinion as this is an open channel free of judgement and hard feelings.

2. You feel emotionally empowered

When you’re having difficulties in understanding and managing your emotions it’s easy to take it out on your partner.

Being in a healthy relationship means that you are able to grow emotionally together with your partner. This means that you and your partner are able to reach emotional maturity together. In this way you both choose to take responsibility of your own feelings and try to understand them.

Also this point refers to the fact that just being with your partner feels that you have more balance in your life. You feel that he understands you and supports you and treats you with kindness and respect.

3. You have a healthy sex life

Sex is another important point in a healthy relationship and it’s one of the most important things.

Having a healthy sex life is the glue that holds a relationship together. Indeed every relationship has it’s ups and downs. Your partner shouldn’t judge you when you just don’t feel like doing it. A good partner will understand when you’re passing thru a difficult time. Also by having patience and understanding he will help you pass it. But don’t remain too much in this state as that surely isn’t a sign of a healthy relationship.

4. You both have trust in each other

Healthy relationships are built on trust and commitment. If you feel that you must hide things from your loved one then that should be a big question mark. Just ask yourself why are you doing that? Is it because you don’t trust that your partner will be open to your idea or desire? In a good relationship you just don’t feel that because you can talk to each other freely and have a real conversation about it. Be sure that it’s not just your fear which is telling you to not say anything.

5. You like spending time together

Most of the time people being in a relationship enjoy each other’s company and seek spending even more time together.

If you feel relieved when you are alone or distant to your partner then this is not a good thing.

Final thoughts

Know that not all the time all these points will be checked. Relationships can be tough sometime. You can have occasional disagreements or frustrations. And that is completely normal. Building a healthy relationship needs time, patience, a lot of emotional growth and of course the desire to be together from both sides.

If you want one then it will take continuous efforts from both of you. Just keep on communicating and be completely honest and surely you will find your own unique solutions.

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