Surely you know what meditation is or you’ve even tried it. There are many different ways to meditate and each can find a way that he feels most comfortable with. But maybe you still don’t know precisely how this forgiveness meditation named Ho’oponopono works or is done. This Ho’oponopono Meditation technique came to us from the remote Hawaiian islands, which has its own technique, distinct from other methods, characteristics, and orientation.

Table of Contents:

Characteristics, efficiency, and benefits of the Ho’oponopono Meditation Technique

The Hooponopono meditation technique has its origin in antiquity among Hawaiian shamans. Thru its practice, you can increase the level of harmonization that changes life for the better, for self-cleansing and clarification of situations in relation to the outside world. Famous to a wide audience, Ihaliakala psychotherapist Hugh Lin and writer Joe Vitale created this helpful meditation. Doctors Lina, in every detail of Hooponopono, dedicated her ways of being to the Hawaiian shaman Morrna Nalamaku Simeona, and Joe Vitale wrote a book about it called Life Without Limits.

The memories that accumulate in people generation after generation define the human consciousness program. Our genetic memory stimulates our thoughts, feelings, reactions, actions, and it’s this effect that affects one or another of our behavior. Consequently, the roots of all our problems that we face in our life also go back to these memories, which put in us a certain program of perceiving the world. This concept of understanding human problems is the basis of Ho oponopono meditation.

The Ho oponopono meditation technique helps to free oneself from negative conscious and subconscious programs, purify the mind and soul and allow them to be filled with calmness, harmony, and joy

Many dreams of starting life from scratch. Hawaiian meditation is an excellent opportunity. According to Hawaiian shamans, the world begins with each individual. Each of us is a part of the Universe, therefore we are responsible for everything that happens in it. We can influence everything that happens around us with our thoughts because thought is the basis of the entire human world.

Both evil and good are nothing more than the result of our thoughts and feelings, which in turn can be an echo, a reflection of the emotions and moods of all previous generations. We are responsible for everything that happens. Indeed, we cannot know everything, and far from everything is under our control. Therefore, when a lot of difficulties and questions arise, and it seems that there are no answers, you need to turn to the Universe, it will definitely be heard and the answers will come.

How does this happen using the Hooponopono Meditation? A person is invited to immerse himself in his inner world and start working with four simple affirmations:

  1. “I repent” (or “I’m very sorry”, “I’m sorry”)
  2. “Please forgive me”
  3. “Thank You”
  4. “I love you”

You can repeat this purifying Hooponopono sequence over and over again. It is necessary to create positive thoughts, pure thoughts. After all, your thoughts are you. If the thoughts have a positive charge, then they emanate Love. We have to take full responsibility to create positive thoughts and an aura around us. Get rid of negative energy as often as possible, clean yourself by admitting your mistakes, and repent. As a result, the released space will be filled with light.

To solve the problem, you need to constantly work on your personality by practicing Ho’oponopono Meditation and the lessons it gives us. If the problem is with someone else, then you need to ask for their forgiveness. You have to repeat this many times.

How do we practice Ho’oponopono method for a life lived beautifully and in order to have all the benefits it offers?

Hooponopono teaches us that responsibility is key, not only for one’s own life but for others as well. When you become aware of another person’s problem, whether you like it or not, you become responsible for the manifestation of that energy. It is not your fault, instead, it is your responsibility, simply because you came into contact with her.

This concept can make sense if you think that meeting the other, and communion with the people around us makes us better, stronger, more empathetic, and more human.

Hawaiian doctor Hew Len believes that the subconscious is like a sponge soaked with information, but the conscious processes a tiny part of it, so we don’t even realize what is happening to us and where we can “drill” to discover the cause of our problems. We need to purify and cleanse the inside to be able to solve the problem we are facing.

The philosophy of Ho’oponopono Meditation

Everything that is in the Universe and surrounds a person defines mental programs controlled by past memories. All the mistakes and experiences of the ancestors lie on a person’s shoulders, put pressure on them, and do not allow them to open up. To unlock this, you should perform various actions that every person can do.

It is the person who is responsible for everything that happens to him, you should not pay attention to the past experience and mistakes of ancestors, only he himself is able to change the status quo. Here we are not just talking about what happens to a person personally. He can influence everything around him.

Ho’oponopono considers the key expression that the world begins with a man. All events with acquaintances and relatives, with work and children, everything is under the influence of a person. He should be responsible for everything, even watching TV. All conflicts, wars, or disasters also occur because of a person, his past and present conversations, and actions. If a person on the street sees a quarrel between strangers, then he should know that he was the one who attracted it, and caused the events to unfold in this way and nothing else. If a person notices this, then he has already left the situation inside himself.

People around do not look like that, stop on the street, insult, only the person is to blame for this, which means that he causes such behavior. It is quite difficult to understand all this, but it is necessary to accept it.

Responsibility and ownership define Ho’oponopono Meditation

You cannot blame others for your own troubles because the blame can only belong to the person himself. Also, you don’t have to blame yourself for everything that happens, you just have to accept the situation and take responsibility for it.

A person who uses the Ho’oponopono method can change a lot and make their own life and the lives of others much better. You just have to learn how to work with your thoughts and mind. Every person has great power and he has to learn how to use it properly. You must be ready to accept the power within, then it will not make you wait long.

Hooponopono meditation teaches you to feel responsibility and change the programs in your head, the mind is clear. As a result, changes in life will definitely occur and will become visible from the very beginning of the practice.

Hooponopono Meditation Purify In Order To Have Peace Of Mind And Soul

How to practice Hooponopono Meditation and purify us in order to have peace of mind and soul

There is no need to know the cause or the mistake that brought you to this point, but to be aware that there is a problem that you are experiencing emotionally, physically, or mentally and to take responsibility by saying: “I’m sorry”, “Please forgive me”, “Thank you”, “I love you”.

Say “I’m sorry” and “Forgive me, please” to realize that an unwanted aspect has entered your mind and body. You don’t need to know how it got there, and you don’t need to. Doctor Hew Len stated that: “If you are overweight, you have activated a program that makes you overweight. By saying “I’m sorry” and “Please forgive me” you are conveying to the Divine that you want to be forgiven for what made you this way. Don’t ask the Divinity to forgive you, but to help you to forgive yourself.”

Hooponopono Meditation suggests turning your mind to the realization that you are the whole world

All the people living on Earth are also you and everything that happens in the world is also you. You are responsible for your life and what happens in it, as well as everything and everyone around you. Realizing this responsibility, you must accept it and sincerely repent of bad thoughts, actions, and deeds. For this, the phrases “I repent”, “I am sorry”, and “I am very sorry”. They purify the consciousness and the subconscious through repentance, through an honest understanding that you have behaved incorrectly, and this ultimately led to problems.

“Please forgive me” opens your soul to love, responsibility and acceptance. In fact, God does not have to forgive us, but we have to forgive our mistakes. When you say “Thank you” you express your trust and gratitude that the situation will be resolved for the good of all involved.

Doctor Hew Len believes that there are three elements in the phrase “I love you” that can change absolutely anything. These are RESPECT, GRATITUDE, and TRANSFORMATION. These are some kind of magic words, some kind of primordial essences from which the Universe was created.

Even if the problem you are dealing with is older and deeper and it will take time to see results on the physical plane, most of the time the cleansing occurs on a subtle, almost intangible level. So don’t expect change to happen instantly, that’s not how things work. In fact, cleansing means turning your care over to the Divine and asking Him to release it. Detachment and trust, are two words to keep in mind from now on.

In order to move past a point in life, you must forgive, this being another Hooponopono lesson you can learn

You must forgive and you must forgive yourself. The phrase “please forgive me” from the Ho’oponopono meditation will help relieve the oppressive burden of guilt. At the same time, it is important to stop blaming someone or something for their problems. Remember personal responsibility for everything. And if someone offended you, humiliated you, caused pain and suffering, forgive this person in your mind, let go of resentment and anger, making peace with the offender in your thoughts.

Gratitude is the next step that the Ho’oponopono meditation technique teaches us

Thanks to everyone and for everything. Life is for what you got. His body – because it allows you to stay in this world. Your health is for strength and energy. His house – because I gave you shelter. His work is for the opportunity to be in abundance. Family and friends – because they are close to you, love you, and give them time and attention, support, and help. People tend to notice more bad points and weaknesses, criticize and judge, and this creates more and more problems and negativity. The expression “Thank you” makes it clear that you accept everything as it is.

The purification of one’s self and bringing the abundance and peace that love gives us

The last step in the Ho’oponopono meditation practice is “I love you”. Any badness you feel for yourself, for other people, for different situations, will set you free because of love.

A person should feel an all-consuming love for everything around him and also not forget about himself. Hawaiians say that love is the personification of the Creator. You must love fully and unconditionally the Sun, the sky, passers-by, friends, and everything in the world. Love must come from the heart, regardless of what is happening around. If a person has love inside, then surely others will feel it. This is the law, so you must give to receive in return. Constant repetition of this phrase can completely clear a person’s mind, and bring it to the starting point, which is zero.

Practicing Ho’oponopono for beginners

If you want to start practicing this method of purifying the consciousness of negativity and living from problems, then the first thing to do is to really believe in its effectiveness. then take the time, reserve the time, and get started. It will take you 20-30 minutes to withdraw and conduct a meditation session. At this time, stop and put away everything that can distract you and lower your mood (phones, tablets, laptops, computers, televisions, watches, etc.). Eliminate noise, for example, close the door and window. The only thing you can turn on is quiet relaxing music or nature sounds.

  1. Take a comfortable position, sit in a position so that you can stay in it throughout the session. After straightening your back and closing your eyes, calmly inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Set your breath so it works well with you. You should feel comfortable and relaxed. Clear your consciousness of useless thoughts and work with an affirmative purpose.
  2. Picture the object to which you want to direct your words. It can be you or a person with whom you would like to resolve internal contradictions, get rid of resentment towards him, or ask for forgiveness for the insults caused to him. Or you can imagine a situation or problem that bothers you.
  3. After you created the image mentally, start a conversation with it through these affirmations. Try to direct all your energy through them to this object. Repeat phrases continuously throughout the meditation time.

Each individual Ho’oponopono meditation session should be focused on a single issue

For example, if you think that problems have arisen in your life because of some complex, unpleasant to you and your body, if you want to relate to yourself, then devote all the time to allocating an internal conversation aimed at fixing this problem. Picture your body in your mind and say to it, “I repent for treating you badly. I’m sorry I didn’t love you. I am very sorry that I offended and insulted you. I apologize. Please forgive me. I am very grateful to you for being there, for giving me the opportunity to live, to work tirelessly. Thank you I really love you. I love you the way you are. ” Repeat this monologue for 20-30 minutes. Thus, one can mentally talk to any problem and person.

End the Ho’oponopono meditation session by inhaling and exhaling deeply several times, then open your eyes and come back to reality

The deeper you sink into your consciousness, the more you manage to relax, the more you can focus on the object, and the better the result.

For those who have recently started to master this technique or are about to start, It is important to know that not everything can happen immediately. The main thing is to believe and not turn back. Each new session will be better and more efficient.