Nothing in life is that complicated. You can do whatever you have in mind if you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Everything is figureoutable as Marie Forleo has put it naming her remarkable book. Progress, not perfection is an important distinction in personal evolution. This very useful idea has shown me that progress is not linear and it’s a healthy way to be chosen and to live by.

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“If I were looking for perfection, I would never write another word,” said Margaret Atwood. This is an idea from Marie Forleo, the author of the book “Everything is figureoutable!”. This book is based on the theory that if you want to grow from a personal point of view you should focus on progress, not on achieving perfection.

Choosing perfectionism, a thing which most of us learn to choose as a result of being in today’s society is harmful and maybe even hard to not focus on. I know as I have lived by this idea for many years and sometimes is not even a rational or intended choice. But I can see that over years, learning and reading so many books, “Everything is figureoutable!” by Marie Forleo is one of them, I can say that the harmful habits of perfectionism have significantly diminished.

“Everything is figureoutable!” is a practical and easy-to-understand course designed to help you achieve your creative potential. Also, it helps to give up harmful habits of sabotaging his own personality. From this perspective, Marie Forleo points out, progress is what gives us the impetus to move forward in achieving our own goals, while perfectionism, in its essence, does not mean high standards, but the fear of failure, of mistakes.

Progress versus perfection – a set of practical rules for changing everyone’s perspective

Here are some important aspects which are highlighted in this book. These very useful ideas are explained in an easy-to-understand way and will guide you to your best version of yourself. Just try them and give yourself time to really understand them.

1. Perfectionism is a form of self-abuse

It is lethal and harms health, happiness, and productivity. But the good news is that anyone can get rid of perfectionism without lowering their standards for it.

2. Starting from the bottom is better than not starting at all

Every professional was at first an amateur, who continued to learn, gain experience, to grow.

3. Don’t compare yourself to anyone

“The comparison is kryptonite for creativity,” says Marie Forelo. “The moment you compare your initial efforts with someone who has been working for years, you fall into the deadly trap of perfectionism.”

4. Progress is not linear.

As life is not linear, having ups and downs also progress is not linear. It is more like a zigzag pattern. “It simply came to our notice then. You will take steps back and forth. Up and down. Then sideways and back again. There is no point in fighting the erratic pace of progress “, Forleo emphasizes. Therefore, it is important to cultivate our patience above all.

5. Don’t rush to judge yourself for failures

They are part of the road. “Expect self-doubt and accept it.” But, “instead of saying, What’s the point? Ask yourself, ‘What’s the next correct move?’

6. Make the difference between ambition and skills

“There is a significant level difference between what we feel, see and know in our soul about the change we want to make and our ability to do it. (…) Progress, not perfection, is the only bridge between your abilities and ambitions “, says the author.

7. Progress helps you think productively

It’s important to focus on that, to take small steps, and not make a drama out of anything. “The real change is virtually invisible as it happens.” There are no shortcuts, just work.

8. Use the power of positive giving up

“To continue something just because you are afraid of looking like a loser is a very bad idea. (…) Let me talk to you about the power of positive giving up. It happens when you realize that you have gone as far as possible. You have done everything in your power, and now it is clear to you – in your heart and soul – that the next step, the wisest and most productive, is to give up and move on “, concludes Marie Forleo.

The book “Everything is figureoutable!” started with an exhortation that Marie Forleo took from her mother: “Nothing in life is so complicated. You can do whatever you have in mind if you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Everything is figureoutable. ” Whether we want to get out of an inappropriate relationship, a frustrating job, to get rid of an addiction, the book aims to be a park guide that shows the safest way to our best version.

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