A great advantage of technology is that you can learn on your own – for free or at a very low cost. You can become much better in many areas from the comfort of your home, wherever you are, at any time, with access to the best information through the internet. In the past, if you wanted to specialize in a certain field, you had to travel hundreds of kilometers, pay exorbitant amounts for courses, and even so you did not remember much of what was presented (the notes are good, but do not capture all the details ). I want to show you the biggest advantages of online education 1. Online courses are available wherever you are Online courses give you this mobility – you can access them anywhere, and you don’t even need a computer – most websites are adaptable to the smartphone. You can even learn on the subway or on the train, where you would normally be bored. 2. You learn when you want, at your own pace Did you ever feel like working or studying, even though you had to at that time? With an online course, you learn whenever you want – you can even at 2 at night or at 6 in the morning, if you can’t sleep. And most importantly – you can follow the lessons very quickly or very slowly, depending on your style of absorbing information.  Imagine that in a room with many different people you sometimes get bored because you catch the concepts faster than the others, and other times it seems to you that the pace is too fast and you can lag behind. 3. Low costs It is obvious that organizing a course costs money: the room, the course materials, the protocol, but especially the valuable time of the trainer. It costs your transportation (especially if you don’t live in that city) and sometimes even a day off (if it’s during the week) or a weekend spent with family. Once registered online, tens of thousands of students can access valuable information at a very affordable price – practically everyone has something to gain. 4. You gain time In addition to money, you also save time (which is more valuable), because you do not waste time with transportation and you can learn anytime and anywhere, as we saw in the points above. 5. Possibility to review the lessons several times, to fix the information Some people say that nothing compares to direct experience when you see the live trainer and share his knowledge.  I completely agree, but online courses also have an incomparable advantage – the fact that you can review the lessons as many times as you want, exactly as they were taught. How can this help you: -You can go back to a certain lesson in the middle of the course, exactly to the information you needed (especially before applying those teachings to your work or activity). – After applying what you have learned, when you review the lesson, you will discover new things, because the second time you see it with different eyes, after you have the experience – not just the theory. 6. Possibility to take several courses simultaneously There are some people who say that it is good to focus on one subject until you master it well.  They may be people built that way, but I think they have a lot to lose – nowadays if you don’t keep up with continuing education you run the risk of falling behind. If you want to take several courses at the same time, the online ones are ideal – you can switch from one to another without changing your place or colleagues, which would be very tiring in the case of live pieces of training. 7. Development of self-discipline A great deal of these advantages involves the fact that you have to organize yourself. It is sometimes harder, but it is well worth it because this will help you in your personal development. The self-discipline you will learn will help you enormously in other situations in life, where you need patience, self-motivation, and perseverance. 8. They involve establishing a flexible program. This is very important for the new generations and not only because they can learn what good time management means that they can use in the future. All the necessary lectures and materials are provided through online platforms, so you can easily access them from the comfort of home.

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